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The relationship between a dog and its master can be something extraordinary, a unique bond for a lifetime, even after one’s death. When our faithful friend leaves us, it is a severe blow that we try to face in various ways, but when it is we who fly them, something shocking and beyond all logic can happen.

These stories testify that, even after death, our dogs can keep us faithful and carry us forever in their memory, thus overcoming barriers that could not be expected. The affection and companionship that our animals provide throughout life can be so unique that they can change it completely.:

Bobby, the terrier who spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave.

Bobby was John Gray’s little terrier, a cop from Edinburgh. He was very dear in the neighborhood, as his owner had taught him to do a lot of tricks that drove everyone crazy. But since John died in 1858 as a result of sudden tuberculosis, it could only be seen next to his tombstone, which he would guard during the 14 years he continued to live. He just separated from her to shelter himself from the snow and to get some water and food.

Eventually, Bobby would become a local legend, so everyone would bring him food and make sure he was okay. Bobby died in 1872 on the Tomb of his master and, unable to be buried next to him, the people would dedicate this statue to him, which, curiously, was built looking at the Tomb Of John Gray.

Collie, the dog who was wandering for nine years in the cemetery where his owner had been cremated.

After his master died, Collie did not want to return home with the rest of his family, even though they tried to take him away several times. In this way, the staff of the cemetery took care of feeding him and his primary care, as well as so many other dogs who chose the cemetery of Piedad as their place of residence. The local workers say that their master was cremated, and that is why they believe that the animal may have been disoriented, to the point of not wanting to leave the cemetery, during the nine years he continued to live, in search of his deceased owner.

Clara, the dog that won the affection of the people for their loyalty

In 2007, news broke in the Israeli media that a bitch refused to leave the tomb where Vladimir Yaronov, her master, had been buried. Clara’s story caused several listeners of a radio show to donate food for her for a year.

Despite having wanted to adopt her many times, this bitch refuses to abandon her owner in the Campo Santo of Nerja, Malaga

From the day of the burial of its owner, an Irish citizen resident in the municipality, the animal sleeps in a niche, and it is Nerja’s neighbors who feed it regularly. The people who know her claim that she is a very docile animal, that she does not bother anyone, and that all she wants and does is look after the remains of her late master. They have tried to take her home many times and adopt her, but the animal refuses to abandon its owner.

Hachiko, the one who saved his race thanks to the fame gained by his loyalty

Hachiko, an Akita Inu breed dog born in 1923, traveled with his owner, a professor named Hidesamuro Ueno, to Tokyo city. There Hachiko would get used to his cosmopolitan life, going every night to the Shibuya train station to receive his master when he arrived from work. In 1925 Ueno died, leaving Hachiko abandoned in the streets of Tokyo. For 11 years, however, he would return faithfully every night to the train station, precisely at the time the train that his owner used to take arrived.

A few years later, a former Ueno student learned about the story and decided to publish it, thus jumping to all national media in Japan. As a result, Hachiko would gain national fame and write hundreds of stories and poems in her memory. However, and more importantly, Hachiko would save his race as only 30 pure Akitas remained throughout Japan. From that moment on, the demand for this breed made it carefully preserved, there being currently thousands of them and, therefore, he is also remembered with a statue near Shibuya Station.

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