Meet Maxwell

Meet Maxwell! He is a sweet shorthaired male kitten, what we call a “tuxedo” – meaning he is mostly black with symmetrical white on face, feet, chest, and belly. He was rescued by one of our employees, and we have taken care of his medical needs over the past few months – exams, stool tests, dewormings, blood tests, medications, vaccinations, neutering surgery, etc.


We believe in rescuing domestic and farm animals wherever possible, and Dr. Olson and Dr. Dunham like to make their own contributions personally. So, Dr. Olson examined Max and got him started on the road to good health (he was significantly delayed in his growth and maturity due to a moderately severe tick-borne infection), while Dr. Dunham did his neuter and gave him a follow-up exam, plus his first vaccinations. Since he was one of our personal rescue cases, his care was given at a deep discount as part of our 2014 donation to the general welfare of cats and dogs in Northern Virginia.


I’m happy to report that Maxwell has caught up with normal growth and has grown into a gorgeous sweet cat. He is a purr machine. He has a forever home lined up, too!