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Ten critical tips for educating your dog – If you share or have shared your life with a dog (adult, puppy, or senior), you know that your responsibility is not only to feed it but also to educate and care for it!

How can you raise your dog? When it comes to educating your dog, always try to keep in mind the patience and love for him, it will be the basis of success!

Things to keep in mind when educating your dog

If your dog is an adult or senior, don’t fall for clichés! And even if your dog is too puppy or too old, it’s never too late to start training and educating your pet!

If you share your life with a puppy, you can start his education by teaching him the Basic Rules. If, on the contrary, it is an adult or senior dog, it is always in time to assimilate new things!

Ten essential tips for educating your dog

If you’ve finally decided to train your pet, try dedicating an extra dose of love and affection. Raising a dog takes a while, so don’t despair!

  1. Patience! The key!

Remember! The learning process will gradually move forward. So don’t despair if your pet doesn’t listen to you the first time! Try to teach him to rule by rule so that he can assimilate them.

  1. Be constant

Repeat the training over and over and over again! And most importantly, don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t move as fast as you’d like! Repeating orders and being constant, you will succeed! How to teach your dog basic tricks?

  1. Be clear

For your pet to understand you, use few words (and better be short). For example:

  • Just come
  • Sit or sit
  • Cast
  • Still
  1. Be consistent

For an order, always use the same term. And also remember what you allowed today, you can’t ban it tomorrow! Otherwise, you’d be confusing him!

  1. Speaking as a family

Before you step up and educate your pet, agree with the whole family! If you’re going to teach him orders, decide on the words you’re going to use! It wouldn’t hurt to fix what you’re going to allow and forbid. This way, there will be no confusion when it comes to educating him!

  1. The awards, that great ally!

In Wakyma, we are faithful advocates of positive reinforcement, so every time your dog does something right, give it a caress, compliment, or candy! Remember our post on awards and punishments for our mascot. With positive reinforcement, training your pet will be a piece of cake!

  1. Don’t punish your dog!

Punishing your pet is not an option! And hit your dog, either! Remember that in the face of punishment, your dog doesn’t understand the reason for your anger, and you’ll only get him to be afraid of you! Don’t lose patience with your little friend!

  1. Training, better in quiet places!

If you want your dog’s training to advance, try to keep it quiet. If you’re nervous yourself, you’ll get nothing! One option you can try is to train your pet, playing!

  1. Dogs, they’re animals!

Your pet is not a human being; don’t expect him to act like he is!

  1. Be a Responsible Owner

If you want to educate your dog, the first thing you have to start with is Basic Rules of behavior. Are you having trouble training your pet? Ask your vet for the advice! In complicated cases, you can always use the services of a canine trainer.

Remember! If your dog feels loved, he’ll learn much better and faster than you want to teach him! Positive reinforcement is the key!

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