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Ice is GOOD for dogs

Contrary to some of the misinformation that is currently on the internet, ice cubes and ice water are good for cooling off your dog. Lots of dogs like to play with or chew up ice cubes, and many dogs will drink more if you add ice cubes to their water bowl.

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Meet Maxwell

Meet Maxwell! He is a sweet shorthaired male kitten, what we call a “tuxedo” – meaning he is mostly black with symmetrical white on face, feet, chest, and belly. He was rescued by one of our employees, and we have taken care of his medical needs over the past few months – exams, stool tests, dewormings, blood tests, medications, vaccinations, neutering surgery, etc.


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Snowy cabin, no heat

Our furnace failed at our cabin in West Virginia, so Dave and I spent most of the weekend driving back and forth to Canaan Valley to fix it. This was taken Saturday as we got ready to leave for home, thinking the furnace was fixed. It only worked for a short time so Dave had to go back on Sunday, to shut the cabin down and winterize it completely. It is almost 4:00 on Sunday afternoon and he is on his way back home. The good news is nothing froze or was damaged, even though it got downto 28 degrees inside. What a weekend.

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Banner Week!

This has been a Banner Week! I learned that I was supposed to ask to go outside (what a concept!), figured out how to go up a full flight of 13 stairs (going down has not happened yet), and lost my first baby tooth! All in one week! Wow.

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Aspirin can be dangerous for pets

Aspirin is a very dangerous medication for cats and dogs. It is not effective for pain or inflammation in cats (it is only used for blood clot prevention in cats). The proper dose for a cat is small and only once or twice weekly as this drug stays in their system a long time. Giving small doses more often than twice weekly, or giving a single larger dose can be fatal.

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Canine Distemper Alert in Fairfax County!

On 12/6/2013, a wild raccoon from Fairfax County tested positive for Canine Distemper. Why is this a concern? Distemper is highly contagious; it is not treatable and many dogs die from this disease. Early symptoms include: thick discharge from eyes and nose, sneezing andor coughing, fever, poor appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea. These symptoms can occur with other illnesses, too.

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Hi! I'm Haley!

Meet Haley, our new addition to the Olson family. Yes, Madison and Baxter have a new little 4-legged sister. Madison is doing OK with Haley but isn't too cuddly with her, but Baxter is having a blast with her - they play for hours!

Dave and I have not gotten a full night's sleep since Haley joined our family, but it has only been 3 nights, so we have great hope for the future. She seems bright, learns quickly, is bold and plays well but also loves to take naps in our laps. However, when she wants something and isn't getting it, she can be really loud...

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Yesterday I ate a rotten tomato

So, yesterday I found a rotten tomato out in my mom's garden. Yum. I ate the whole thing. Later on it did not feel so yummy, though. I was napping on my mom's lap when I jumped up and ran across the room into Madison's crate and barfed up the rest of dinner (and the rest of the tomato, too). I was worried that I'd get yelled at, so I belly crawled over to mom. She picked me up and snuggled with me (after she checked to see what I had done and that's when she found all the tomato bits).

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Taken in WV on September 15th, 6:45 a.m.

This was the perfect end to a lovely vacation for me. Rachel and I got up at 0-dark-hundred and were out in the valley to watch the sun rise and the low-lying fog move from here to there. Beautiful! Then we went and got the dogs and our guys and went out to breakfast, took a few short hikes, and packed up to come home.

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Where does your dog ride in the car?

Please don’t tell me your dog rides in the front seat or in your lap when you are driving. Even a minor accident can cause your car’s airbags to go off, and air bags will kill a dog.

I have seen airbags go off when my friend’s car was t-boned in our parking lot – neither car was going over 20 miles per hour. If the impact is in the wrong spot or direction, airbags can and should go off even if the impact is slight or at slow speed. Their function is to protect the humans in the car, and airbags do this well.